My week ahead, 23 – 29 January 2017

Monday  23 January, Campaigning in the Isle of Thorns

Tuesday 24 January, Helping out at Find

Wednesday 25 January, Full Council Meeting 6:00 pm

Thursday 26 January, Campaigning in  Gipping Ward

Saturday 29 January, Campaigning in the better part of Ipswich.

This week I am having the unfortunate experience of having to go to The Isle of Thorns a darksome, soul crushing place in the Valley of Baca that I would rather avoid.But maybe I can make it into a well.

On Wednesday is the full council meeting where I am asking questions on Borough Creche services and the Ipswich Pravda Angle. The responses to my questions should be interesting.

Also, on Thursday I shall be campaigning in Gipping Ward. Details can not be given at this time but it is understood that the King of Gipping has something very interesting planned. On Saturday I shall be in the better part of Ipswich.

On Saturday along with Conservative councillor for Bixley, Eddy Phillips, I was at the Ipswich Churches Crown Him with Many Crowns event which takes place at the start of each year. What the local church is doing for the local community is truly phenomenal. I shall be writing about many of the churches projects that are benefiting the local community over the next month or so.

Also, over the last few days I have been Kayaking in streams of the tears of the left. Conditions for this past time have been particularly good since around the middle of last June but over the last few days conditions have been particularly excellent with gushing rapids of sweet tasting tears.



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