The Temporary Triumph of Evil

At the time of writing, sterling is dropping due to the evil conjuring of the satanic priestess of Mammon, Gina Miller. ✞pater noster, libera nos✞ All except three judges ruled against democracy in support of the mammonocratic system which they benefit from.

Another act of wickedness that the daughter of hell, Gina Miller ✞pater noster, libera nos✞ has done is become the most hated woman ever in British politics. To not only attack democracy for the sake of mammonocracy is evil enough but she has also stolen one of the many crowns off The Great One, Her Grace, The Blessed Margaret, Our greatest peace time Prime Minister, The Iron Lady, Margaret Thatcher. Such are the fathomless depths of Gina Miller’s ✞pater noster, libera nos✞  evil.

Evil has only temporarily triumphed. Because it shall get through parliament so that Article 50 will be triggered by the end of March. If not, the wicked act of evil done by  Gina Miller ✞pater noster, libera nos✞ will backfire due to their being a General Election which would lead to the eradication of the Labour Party and quite possibly, the House of Lords. Also, if the reasons the judges gave are true, then we are signatories to Lisbon and Maastricht illegally.

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