Ipswich Full Council Meeting Report

On Wednesday evening at the start of  the Full Council was opened by rev Paul Daltry spoke about the work of the Ipswich Winter Night Shelter.  He talked about the fact that through the guests gaining trust in the volunteers of the Ipswich Winter Night Shelter, it is revealed that they have been victims of abuse in the past. The Night Shelter along with  Emmaus are excellent local projects to help people out of homelessness and lead productive lives.

During Councillor’s Questions a question was asked by Councillor Vickery to Councillor Rudkin regarding the Ipswich Pravda Angle. Which wasn’t really answered.Councillor Vickery’s supplementary was “Is it cost effective?” Councillor Rudkin basically gave a waffling reply  to say that it was. Councillor Vickery’s supplementary question was along the same lines as East Anglia’s Premier Political Blogger’s question on the same subject. My main question concerning the Ipswich Pravda Angle was “Do you believe it is fair for residents of Gipping to be paying council tax so that people outside the Borough can receive copies of the Ipswich Angle when Gipping residents do not  receive them?”
The reply of which by councillor Rudkin seemed to be extremely flustered saying that she would like to know where in Gipping doesn’t receive it and didn’t really answer the question. My supplementary question was “As a marketing strategy wouldn’t advertising more in Essential Suffolk as the Wolsey already does and advertising in the EADT Suffolk magazine along with Suffolk and Norfolk Life, magazine, be better as such magazines are read across Suffolk and beyond by people with more disposable income? Disposable income that can also be spent to help regenerate the town centre.”
Councillor Rudkin mentioned that the Wolsey management advertises in Essential Suffolk and in a bit of a fluster  said that the Angle allowed a different form of advertising. It is true that the Ipswich Pravda Angle advertises events at Borough Council facilities but something tells me that people living in Pinewood are not that interested in when people in Rushmere Ward or Gipping Ward are supposed to put their bins out. Hence they put it straight in their Babergh District blue bin.

I also asked a question concerning the crèche provision provided at Whitton Sports Centre, Gainsborough Sports Centre and Crown Pools. My question to Councillor Rudkin was “At the executive you said that it was right to close crèche services at Whitton Sports Centre, Gainsborough Sports Centre and Crown Pools because children grow up. Was that statement based on current birth rate statistics?”
Before I go into her answer, Councillor Rudkin’s exact words at the executive were “The life of the crèche user is limited because children get older ”
Councillor Rudkin started by saying that she never said it and can’t remember saying it and then said that “when children get to a certain age they no longer require the service” and then flustered on a bit. My supplementary question was “Isn’t closing a crèche because children grow up like closing a care home for the elderly because old people die?”
Councillor Rudkin, at this point totally rattled in a way that I’ve never seen before, repeated that she never said it, flustered on, then said “as children get older they no longer require the service” again, flustered some more and then mentioned that the provision costs £65,000 per year. Which is interesting considering Sure Start Centres cost considerably more than that and as a member of the County Labour group, Councillor Rudkin is opposed to their closure.

Both the Ipswich Pravda Angle and the mess Ipswich Labour are making of Sports and Leisure are being called in by the Conservatives next week and East Anglia’s Premier Political Blogger shall be there to report on events.

There was also a question from Councillor Lockington to Councillor Ellesmere about the future of FIND and how it is having to find new premises. Due to Councillor Ellesmere’s reply, after the meeting I informed both councillors they were scheduled to be evicted in February but the Co-op has given them a stay of execution until June.

Item 7 of the meeting was about council house rents. Councillor MacDonald said that they “are cutting council house rent to help people effected by the cuts.” The problem with that statement is that paragraph 1.1 of the paper says

“This  report  is    requesting  Council  to agree  a reduction  to  housing rents  of  1%  for  the  financial  year  2017/18.  The  reduction  has  been  calculated  according  to the  Welfare  Reform  and  Work  Act 2016”

In other words they are reducing council house rent because of legislation by this  Conservative government. None of the Conservative councillors present brought this up, but naturally Ipswich Labour’s favourite blogger has.

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  1. Ben Redsell says:

    Not only are Council Rents only coming down because the Tory Government insisted that they did after years of above inflation increases by Ipswich Labour, but Neil McDonald’s predecessor, John Mowles, regretted the fact he had to do so, because he wanted to continue putting up rents.

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