Stupid Things Suffolk Labour have Tweeted this Week

This week Suffolk Labour have been tweeting lots of stupid things. Some of the worst things are some of the things the barmy comrades have been retweeting. One of them tweeted this tweet by Jeremy of Islington

This is stupid because Comrade Corbyn and his henchtrots campaigned for The Donald to be Banned from the UK.

Another one of their number retweeted this

This is stupid because it talks about democracy while calling for support against the original democratically made decision. Also, they have made it clear by retweeting this that they do not support Brexit and I for one have every intention on sharing this with the half a dozen traditional Labour voters that are left in Ipswich.

The Author of the dRoss Blog tweeted this

This is stupid because it publicly shows the open war within the Labour Party between the ‘Blairites’ and ‘Corbynites’ It’s also stupid because as the Labour Party no longer want t win elections. Hence they have put someone opposed to nuclear power up as a candidate in Copeland.

Another retweet by a Suffolk Labour  member was this.

This is stupid because it wasn’t our greatest Prime Minister since Winston Churchill who suggested that. Also, Labour would rather have lists of British workers so that companies didn’t employ to many of them. Labour hate the British working class.

Also there was this tweet by Luke Cresswell

This is stupid because Australia hasn’t got a preference about who they trade with the same as the British haven’t. Unless the British people in question are  inward looking, little Europeans.

The author of the dRoss Blog also tweeted this

This is yet another post showing that labour are at war. It’s also true.

Also there was this retweet by Dame Bryony Rudkin.

Very classy don’t you think?

Maybe because the wretched followers of Jeremy of Islington in Ipswich Labour have deselected the Dame , she feels so she can retweet such stuff now she’s only dealing with swimming pools. Or maybe Dame Bryony has decided to retweet such things to make those of the Corbyn Cultus think that she is as nasty and vile as they are. Who knows? Whatever the reason, it was stupid anyway.

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One Response to Stupid Things Suffolk Labour have Tweeted this Week

  1. Paul says:

    Does anyone know why in the Brexit capital of Stoke on trent labour is fielding a remoaner candidate? Momentum clearly have no clue having taken clear control of the party machinery.

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