Torture and the Fight Against It

Here Ipswich’s Barmy Bolshevik Blogger, Comrade Coates has written an excellent post in regard to Donald Trump’s views on torture and why they are wrong. For a start we’ve known for centuries that the intelligence gained through torture is useless because people will say anything under duress.

It is believed that Israel uses torture which they refer to  a ‘special means’ but doesn’t use any intelligence obtained through it due to its unreliability. More on that here

In the US they refer to torture as ‘enhanced interrogation.’

They may call it ‘special means’ or ‘enhanced interrogation’ rather than ‘torture’ but such practices are still in violation of UDHR Article 5 which says

No one shall be subjected to torture or to cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment.

At the press conference with Donald Trump and Theresa May the Bolshevik Broadcasting Commune’s Laura Kuenssberg tried to cause a diplomatic rift between the prime minister and the president claiming that we are all alarmed by Trump’s belief in torture. Fortunately she failed and President Trump said that though he believes it works the general he has put in charge doesn’t therefore torture enhanced interrogation is not going to be used. So we can all have a sigh of relief concerning the US use of torture.

Over the last few weeks Amnesty International have been disappointingly  as hysterical as all of the organisations of the left. But today Amnesty seem to have resumed to campaigning for human rights properly again and have reported of somebody being at risk of torture in Syria which also looks like an arbitrary detention.

Amnesty International reports

Abdulhadi, a rescue worker with the Syrian Civil Defence (also known as the White Helmets), was in a civilian convoy evacuating Aleppo on 16 December. His convoy was stopped at gunpoint by government forces who then took him to an unknown location.

For 19 days, there was no sign of Abdulhadi. Then on 5 January, he appeared in a sinister video posted on YouTube by Abkhazian (a Russian-occupied territory, formerly part of Georgia) media. This was the first time anyone had seen him since his capture.

Both his family and colleagues believe this video shows Abdulhadi giving a forced confession claiming that the White Helmets are a fake rescue organisation.

We are concerned that Abdulhadi could be at risk of torture and ill-treatment and he must be granted access to his families and lawyers.

You can help us put pressure on the Syrian representative to the UN to confirm Abdulhadi Kamel’s whereabouts: Here

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