Anne Whybrow for Bosmere Division

Former county councillor Anne Whybrow who refers to Stu’maaarket as the centre of the universe, lost her county seat at the last county elections to a UKIP candidate who didn’t want to be a councillor. As a matter of fact, we were informed at the time that he didn’t want to be a councillor to the point that after winning, he asked for a recount.

The people in the area have suffered to the point that traffic congestion in Stu’maaarket is now worse than it is in Ipswich at present and there isn’t a county councillor around with the will, ability and tenacity to do something about it.

This year Anne Whybrow is standing in Bosmere Division.

On Facebook she said

I believe that I can bring back conservatism back to Bosmere. I have the experience, tenacity and most of all the ability to get the issues heard, acknowledged and acted upon. I am not afraid to stand up for what the voters ask me to do if it is for the very best reasons and, yes, sometimes this means going against the “group” or the National trend. The Division spans town and country areas within it’s 13 parishes and I am fully conversant with their differing needs. If you live in the following areas and would like me to speak on your behalf regarding an issue, want to know more about a County policy or department, would like to help with my campaign or just want to know more about me please do get in touch…..
I shall ……be out and about in Badley, Barking, Battisford, Baylham, Combs, Great Bricett, Little Finborough, , Needham Market, Nettlestead, Offton, Ringshall, Somersham, Willasham and part of Wattisham Airfield.

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2 Responses to Anne Whybrow for Bosmere Division

  1. Wendy says:

    I would like to know your views on the Supreme court ruling on the Jon Platt case. Also your views on housing developments in the area, large small & individual infill. Thank you

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