Anti Trump Demo in Ipswich

The Ipswich left are planning an anti Trump Demo in Ipswich this Saturday RSV can reveal. The page for this pointless waste of time on Facebook comes out with the same misinformation that the illiberal, regressive left have been spouting over the  last few days. For example, it claims that the travel ban also includes Britons with dual nationality. Like our national hero Mo Farah. Even the Iraq-born Conservative MP Nadhim Zahawi. But this is an outright lie as can be disproved by clicking on here. But naturally to the left,  facts are things to be denied starting with the fact that socialism doesn’t work.

As they are left wing the hyperbole and histrionics are astounding. They say

There are moments of terrible injustice throughout history where we look back and rightly ask – what did people do? Future generations will look back at the targeting of Muslims – as we look back at the targeting of Jews – with disgust, horror and shame. If we do not speak out, we are complicit.

To liken a travel ban to the extermination of at least 9 million people is utterly disgusting. What an insult to the victims of the holocaust to compare them to people who have been inconvenienced with being stranded at airports. When air traffic controller s go on strike and leave people stranded at airports, do they compare air traffic controllers to Nazi’s? Of course not.

They claim that Theresa May has betrayed her own people. What utter claptrap!

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