Well Said George Galloway!

I think I need to sit down.


I couldn’t possibly agree any more.

Until last week America was following the Chicago Doctrine of the Lone Ranger Bush and his sidekick Tonto Blair of ‘liberal interventionism’.  The doctrine of ‘liberal Interventionism’ is a doctrine of invading countries and bombing the crap out of people. This nasty doctrine was carried on by Nobel Peace Prize winner, Barak Obama, who lead an administration that bombed more countries and dropped more bombs than the administration of Cowboy George. David Cameron also adhered to the doctrine, hence the UK/US action concerning Libya. Theresa May does not adhere to this terrorist creating doctrine. Hence the relationship between May and Obama was rather frosty. Donald Trump does not adhere to it either Hence the improvement in the special relationship. Trump and May adhere to the infinitely more sensible doctrine of Jaw not War.

Because of a change in policy, Trump has temporarily blocked immigration from the countries that the adherents of the Chicago Doctrine bombed the crap out of. Do the people protesting prefer bombing countries so that innocent civilians die rather than a situation where people are stuck at the airport? It would seem so. Of course most of the  people at the protests don’t even know what they are there for but are enjoying the day out.

Certain neo-liberal loons are enraged by the fact that Theresa May knew about the ban but never said anything. Well the government’s of the countries that are affected by the restrictions would have been informed about them too. But none of them said anything either did they? Obviously neo-liberal fruitloops don’t understand the delicacies of diplomacy. No doubt, discussions are going on between the US and the government’s of the countries now but diplomatically an ongoing commentary of what’s being said would be unhelpful.

There has been so much misinformation over the last few days, it’s hard to know where to start. But I’ll start by saying that people are not barred from the US because they were born in one of the 7 named countries. As a matter of fact, the Presidential executive order only applies to individuals travelling from one of the 7 named countries. The Foreign Secretary, Boris Johnson has held talks with the US administration to clarify a number of details. As a result you can find the facts here




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