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UKIP at War!

Clacton MP Douglas Carswell whose own constituency UKIP split between the Peoples Front of Tendring and the Tendring People’s Front in 2015, seems to have upset former leader and future leader when interim leader Paul Nutter steps down, Nigel Farage. … Continue reading

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RIP Gerald Kaufman

Sir Gerald Kaufman, Labour MP for Manchester Gorton and Father of the House of Commons, has died aged 86. A practising Jew, he was best known for his fierce opposition to the policies of the Israeli government and its treatment … Continue reading

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Book Review: House of Beaufort: The Bastard Line that Captured the Crown by Nathen Amin

The Wars of the Roses were a turbulent time in English history, with family fighting family for the throne. But what gave the eventual victor, Henry Tudor, the right to claim the throne from the hunchbacked monster? What made his … Continue reading

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Party Political Campaigning in Ipswich

Political Parties have been campaigning in Ipswich over the weekend. Ipswich Labour were out in Westgate on Saturday telling scare stories about people being burnt to death due to cuts to the fire service. As Ipswich has the same coverage … Continue reading

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Farewell to Councillor Robin Hyde-Chambers

Ipswich Borough Councillor Robin Hyde-Chambers has resigned from the Council with immediate effect. We have been informed that his resignation is because of work commitments.

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Shenanigans and Intrigue at Ipswich Labour AGM

There was some major shenanigans and intrigue at Ipswich Labour’s AGM last week, Ipswich Labour’s Favourite Blogger can exclusively reveal. The devout adherent of the Corbyn Cultus who makes Jeremy dolls attempted to get on to the EC. The reason … Continue reading

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The Awesome Wisdom of Denis Skinner

The glaring lesson to be learnt from yesterdays results is that @UKLabour isn't left-wing enough to motivate the electorate. End Tory-Lite. — Denis Skinner (@BolsoverBeast) February 24, 2017   I agree with him. If they were more left wing they … Continue reading

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We Saved Jeremy of Islington

Congratulations to Trudy Harrison on her fantastic victory in Copeland and congratulations to the people of Copeland for seeing sense. Also congratulations to Stoke residents on saving themselves from burning in Hell. The Conservatives could have won in Stoke too … Continue reading

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Mean Spirited Ipswich Labour insist on Closing Crèche Services

Last night’s full council meeting in Ipswich was the Budget meeting. Ipswich Conservatives had put forward an amendment to save the borough crèche services involving less editions of the Ipswich Pravda Angle and unspent money from Area Committee’s being used.. … Continue reading

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Will Quince Attacks Labour’s Babies will die leaflet.

Will Quince MP, who with his wife suffered the agony of a stillborn baby today attacked Labour for its claim that mothers and babies will die if the Tories win the Copeland by-election. Will Quince, Tory MP for Colchester, says … Continue reading

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