Heartless Ipswich Labour Insist on Closing Crèche Services

On Thursday at the scrutiny committee there were brilliant presentations by one of the crèche users along with Conservative councillors Robin Hyde Chambers, Nadia Cenci, Richard Pope and George Debman in support of keeping the crèche services open.  But Labour’s Bryony Rudkin  responded with arrogance.

Councillor Cenci begged the Labour councillors to not let party politics get in the way but their leader, David Ellesmere, had clearly whipped them beforehand which he should not have done as it was a scrutiny committee. So heartless Ipswich Labour all voted to close the crèche facilities.

Ipswich Labour also voted to waste £56,000 on having the Angle delivered. So they heartlessly voted against spending £26,000 on crèche services that increase revenue to Borough services and selfishly voted for £56,000 on a newspaper being delivered because it promotes themselves.

Oh that Ipswich could be free of those heartless, selfish good for nothings.

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2 Responses to Heartless Ipswich Labour Insist on Closing Crèche Services

  1. Paul says:

    The issue is the compliant Morning Star did not report this in any meaningful way. There did not even attend the debate. Local media has a duty to scrutinise and here in ipswich we are all so very let down. Shameful on the Morning Star.

    • Kevin Algar says:

      Tell me about it. It’s left to me, a self employed gardener, to tell the public what is actually happening. They reported on the anti Trump protest and that will have no lasting impact on residents of Ipswich.

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