Saturday Diary

This week has been predominated by the snowflakes protesting about Donald Trump. The trouble with snowflakes is that they prefer their  ‘alternative facts’ rather than the truth. I have spoken to  a number of snowflakes and after showing them clearly what the Executive Order actually says their response was to say “Yes but..” followed by the ‘alternative facts’ which I had just debunked.

A couple of weeks ago we were informed that would be officially gone in two weeks which begs the question of “Why is it still there?” Have they left it there to make East Anglia’s Premier Political Blogger look like a prat for reporting its demise? The DullNews website has a count down to next May’s elections and it’s a shame that Ipswich Spy is no more because during this years elections, East Anglia’s Premier Political Blogger plans to be mountain biking around Gods Country. You may have guessed he also intends to be campaigning in Copeland whenever the by election occurs..

This week Ipswich Labour were shown to be the heartless, self serving good for nothings they are by heartlessly insisting on closing Borough Crèche services and keeping their council tax funded propaganda sheet going. So they would rather money was spent on their advancement rather than on public services. Such is their hypocrisy.


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