Left Wing Automaton Gatherings in East Anglia

This week the automatons of the illiberal, regressive left have been having anti American demonstrations.  Anti American because as UAE and Kuwait have also banned people from those seven countries this week and the left have said nothing, it’s clear that the immigration ban is not what it is about . Therefore we know that it is merely a display of anti-Americanism.

Last week the usual suspects were protesting in Ipswich, Norwich, Kings Lynn and Cambridge. Last week there was a large demo in Norwich organised by UEA Movement For Justice, Norwich Continue Stop the War and the Socialist Rapists Workers Party under their alias of Stand Up To Anybody Who Disagrees With Us Racism.


Left Wing Automatons Gathered in Norwich

The automatons didn’t gather in Norwich this weekend as far as I know because they are probably angry with local Labour MP Clive Lewis for voting for Article 50 to be triggered. Clive Lewis after weeks of saying he was going to vote against Article 50,  committed an act of apostasy, voting for it to avoid committing an even greater act of apostasy, by going against the orders of Jeremy of Islington. If any of the phalanxes had the ability to think, this conundrum would have confused them no end.

There was also a big demonstration in Kings Lynn organised by North West Norfolk Labour Party member Jo Rust. We understand that they all enjoyed the day out. There was also a demonstration in Cambridge attended by Cambridge MP for Labour and  fanatical Remoaner, Daniel Ziechner and East of England MEP for Labour, Richard Howitt. It was organised by CamCRAG (Cambridge Convoy Refugee Action Group) and Cambridge Refugee Resettlement Campaign (CRRC), Cambridge Labour and the usual Socialist Rapists Workers Party nutters. They had banners saying “Smash the EDL and BNP” on them. What those two organisations have to do with The Donald is a mystery. But as with all the demo’s, most of the automatons didn’t know what they were there for but had a nice day out.


Daniel Ziechner and Richard Howitt Gathered with other Automatons in Cambridge

There was also demonstrations in Ipswich last week and this week. This weeks demo in Ipswich was organised by Labour councillor and Corbyn cultus devotee  , Shelly Darwin.


Shelly Darwin with fellow Corbynite, Andrew Coates and other automatons

At the Ipswich demo, one of the automatons read out the famous poem “First they came for the communists….” Are people being rounded up and sent to camps under Trump? No. Did Hitler believe in closed borders? No. Hitler believed in open borders to roll his tanks across. So the Godwinisation of the debate is just plain ridiculous.




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2 Responses to Left Wing Automaton Gatherings in East Anglia

  1. Paul says:

    Does anyone know why they got so fired up about trump when they bearly said anything about China’s state visit? Capital punishment on a grand scale, suppressing freedom of expression, religion and the right to vote. Then there is the forced sterilisations in Tibet. THE hypocrisy of the left is unbelievable. OR is it that Trump is a capitalist and therefore they despise his success?

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