John Bercow Must Go

No invitation has been issued by Parliament to President Trump to address Parliament so the EDM and the Point of Order should have been ruled Out of Order by the Speaker.

By failing to do so, the Speaker has not only breached his duty to be impartial and neutral but he has also shown himself to be incompetent as Speaker of the House of Commons.

And he has very seriously damaged the UK’s relationship with the USA and its people. Even US Democrats feel insulted by the Speaker’s speech.

Sycophant Tory and vile left wing Liberal, John Bercow has seriously damaged the reputation of Parliament and the UK.

Such a move violates Bercow’s convention on neutrality which he must uphold as speaker. Likewise, it poses massive complications for British Foreign Policy. Therefore, this petition calls for the public to issue a call of no confidence in Bercow and for him to be relieved of his duties immediately.

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