The Article 50 Vote and East Anglia

How  some MP’s voted on Article 50 in parliament from East Anglia was interesting. For instance North Norfolk Lib Dem, Norman Lamb abstained. Was this due to Norman having more sense in regard to the EU than Dim Tim or was it due to the fact that North Norfolk voted to leave the tyrannical, Brussels based behemoth? If the later was the reason it was actually pointless because in 2020, North Norfolk is going to be a Conservative Gain anyway.

Two East of England Labour MP’s voted against it. Cycle City MP for Labour, Daniel Ziechner and Mustard City South MP for Labour, Clive Lewis. Clive Lewis also resigned from Jeremy of Islington’s shadow cabinet. With more resignations from Jeremy of Islington’s cabinet, we were informed that there is no crisis in the parliamentary Labour Party because there is still about half a dozen Labour MP’s who haven’t been in Comrade Corbyn’s shadow cabinet yet.

How Corbyn’s Henchtrots in Norwich are reacting, we haven’t found out yet. But Clive Lewis had to go against Jeremy of Islington due to Norwich being a city with a large population of remainiacs. As a matter of fact it is home of the bigoted neo-liberal rag, The New European. A rag that was so outrageous last week, I had to buy a copy because it was such a laugh.

Last week the filth that is the New European claimed they want their country back. It claimed that we are a nation of intolerance and hypocrisy. It railed against hate talk while spouting hate and in an article of total insanity, claimed that after Article 50 is triggered, hanging will be brought back. Then it claimed that the bastards are in control of the Conservative party and are using immigration as a baseball bat. I assure you that the likes of Ken Clarke and Anna Soubry are not in control of the Conservative Party.


How Lib Dems Look Best

Talking of immigration, an amendment was rejected that would allow rich people to keep their cheap nannies and gardeners EU citizens to be protected. Strangely the rights of British citizens within the EU was of no concern.

Most of The New European is adverts for villas and bloody great houses around Europe, proving that those who are fighting to have democracy crushed are rich people who do well out of the poverty creating dictatorship that is the EU. As if we didn’t have enough evidence already.

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