This Week’s New European

This week’s New European is more outragous than last week’s. The front page has the head line “Is Trump a Fascist?” Then it makes him sound like them with attacks on judges, minorities and free speech. On the second page they make the outrageous claim that  Clarke and Bercow are now darlings of Labour voters. Obviously they haven’t canvassed any Labour voters lately.

The letters this week showed the intellectual laziness of Remoaners. They seem to believe that 48 is more than 52. Now I know that for decades our education system has encouraged people to leave school unable to do arithmetic without a calculator, but I never thought that some people’s basic understanding of numbers and how they correlate with each other could be so lacking.

They have an article claiming that narcissistic, liberal  cockwomble, Bercow spoke for decency. Of course, their idea of decency is the banning of free speech and having all who disagree with their illiberal, regressive, left wing views silenced.

It has an article written by the Labour Party’s former head of propaganda, the extremely cretinous, Alastair Cambell. Where he declares ” If Trump does come, let’s make it a visit he and May will regret.” Obviously, Alastair Campbell prefers the policy of Bush and Blair of unprovoked aggression, invading and bombing countries and having our reputation ruined abroad than a policy of controlling immigration. Such is the illiberal, regressive lefts hatred for this country.

A Cambridge University Philosopher claims that their resistance to Brexit has been feeble. Well I guess, there’s so few of them, it would be.

Lib Dem leader, Tim Somebody, calls for Trump to be kept out of parliament and accuses Donald Trump of being a ‘racist.’

Green MP Caroline Lucas claims that Labour are letting the Tories ride roughshod over them. Then there is an article where they are worries about UKIP winning in Stoke.

Then there is a rather long dummy spitting article where we are told why they are still angry. In short they claim that the UK is being stolen. They never tell us why that anti democracy, poverty creating, elite serving, federalist dictatorship had any right of ownership to the UK in the first place. That’s because it doesn’t and hence we are freeing ourselves from the nasty cabal of self serving parasites.

The soaking wet rag also has an advert for a march organised by fascist organisation, Unite for Europe. Yes, they are fascists. Here’s a little quote from Unite for Europe’s website

What can the march achieve?

Brexit can be stopped.

We can embolden our elected representatives. The vast..

In short, they are saying “We don’t like the outcome of democracy so to hell with democracy because we want our own way.” that is fascist.

It’s very sad that 12,000 people think they can overturn the will of 17,400,000 people but then we are talking about people with the mental capacity of petulant children.

I have been informed that if the New European really don’t like you, they nominate you as the lucky ‘Little Englander’ who gets a free subscription. with that in mind,I shall Email this blog post to them and see if I can gain the illustrious prize. Are you “small” “craven” and “intolerant” enough to be Brexiteer Of The Fortnight?

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