Marine d’Arc parle au nom du peuple


Here  Ipswich’s very own barmy bolshevik blogger, Comrade Coates has written a nasty article against the next president of France. He claims that she is a fake secularist. Such a statement would have been more interesting when Mr Coates was a rabid Islamophobe, but now it seems pointless for him to call Marine of Arc’s secularism fake. After all according to Comrade Coates own blog post

all religious symbols” including kippas, headscarves, veils, burqas and burkinis from public spaces if she is elected president, explaining the move as a “sacrifice” to combat Islamic extremism.”

The European Union has brought much hardship on France .Whole communities have become destitute. But in the name of the people and the French name there is a woman, arresting these formidable bands of Brussels. She shall lead the French people to victory over the enemies of liberté égalité fraternité.

Here is a clip of her campaign video with English subtitles.

 au nom du peuple
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2 Responses to Marine d’Arc parle au nom du peuple

  1. Katie Spearman says:

    What will the snowflakes do if she wins?

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