Labour’s Ladgeful Campaign in Copeland

‘Ladgeful’ is a very good Cumberland dialect word that describes Labour very well.


Labour are ladgeful. No question about that. In Copeland they have resorted to saying that babies will die if people vote Conservative. At first this nasty indulgence in falsehood and histrionics seems extreme even by Labour’s standards but then, in Ipswich they said  people were going to die because of cuts to the fire service, so warnings of death are not unheard of in Labour leaflets. But threats of baby deaths still sounds beyond them. Not so and there is a reason for it.

The Labour Party is now under the control of Corbyn’s Henchtrots who are extreme left wing lunatics and lies, hyperbole and histrionics are their forte. They are the kind of people who  march with Stop the War and accuse people who support destroying Daesh of being ‘baby killers’ who are bombing hospitals and killing children instead of inviting a bunch of headloppers round for tea. So this ‘baby killer’ line is very popular amongst Corbyn’s henchtrots who control the party. So it should be of no surprise it has been used in a by election.

The best way for residents of Copeland to safeguard local NHS services is by voting for Trudy Harrison. She is a local lass who understands the issues of the constituency and will have a better influence than an opposition MP in Jeremy of Islington’s Labour Party. Trudy Harrison will ensure that no services are lost.

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2 Responses to Labour’s Ladgeful Campaign in Copeland

  1. Julie says:

    How awful of Labour to do that. Labour are so horrible.

  2. Michelle says:

    Labour can only use fear of something as their policys are now so bare and I’ll founded. The party of dying but the inner M25 elite of the party believe things are just fine. Ed milliband sowed the seeds of the once great parties destruction. That’s how history will remember him.

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