Response to Tony Blair’s Speech

Dear Mr Blair,

I’ve just read a transcript of your latest speech calling for a second referendum and persuading all the thick people to vote remain next time. This is my response on behalf of the 17.5 million people who voted to leave.

Fuck off and go to the Hague.

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2 Responses to Response to Tony Blair’s Speech

  1. George Warren says:

    The British people have not forgotten that it was Mr Blair who promised a referendum on the predecessor constutional treaty, but then withdrew his commitment when it was re-named Lisbon. However he agreed to having an exit clause in the treaty. If he thought it would have been so terrible for any nation state to strike out on their own after being suffocated virtually to extinction by the Brussels elite, he could have objected then and prevented Article 50 from being included.

    Blair’s arrogance of his high and mighty position will force even former remain supporters, to say to the government, Let’s get on and trigger article 50.

    Roll on 1 May 2019 when the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland emerges as the newest fully independent, proudest nation on earth.

    Then the likes of Messrs Blair, Farron, Clegg, Salmond and Madame Sturgeon can give up their British citizenship and move to a minor former-nation-state previously known as Belgium.

    Better still, go now, and stop giving us a such a moaning headache.

  2. Jean-michael says:

    George is right. The reality is the Constitution was rejected by the people in many countries, yet we ended up with it anyway with the copy and paste treaty. The elites treated the masses as idiots but we can see through the smoke and mirrors. LET’S not forget the remain campaign said nothing positive about any institution of the EU. ALL they had was fear. IF we have a second referendum what will the remain camp do, re run project fear lies and threaten us with a punishment budget?

    Their audacity knows no bounds!

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