Ipswich Borough Crèche users Rally

Yesterday Ipswich Borough Crèche users had a rally by the Giles Statue. We have been informed that they had a good response from the public and got a number of new signatures added to the petition to save the services.

Over a thousand signatures  have been obtained but more are needed. You can sign the petition here.

The Ipswich Conservative Borough Group are putting forward a motion at full council this week to amend the budget and save the crèche facilities. But we all know what this heartless Labour administration are going to do don’t we?

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1 Response to Ipswich Borough Crèche users Rally

  1. Julie says:

    Ipswich Labour are more interested in propping up the Angle even though 75% of people put it straight in the bin. They are just about the same cost so it’s clear Labour no longer represent ordinary working people as they once did. The once great party is dying. Its a slow and painful death. This time it’s mostly single mum’s who will be paying the price.

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