My Week Ahead 20 -26 February 2017

Wednesday 22nd – Ipswich Full Council Meeting, Council Chamber 6:00 pm

This Wednesday is the Ipswich Full council meeting where the Conservatives are going to put forward a budget amendment to save Crèche services and the Tories are then going to be barracked and patronised by arrogant Labour councillors who are going to refuse to save the crèche service because they are far to interested in themselves to care about the electorate. East Anglia’s Premier Political Blogger shall be there to report on the farce. No doubt the Ipswich Political Shit Stirrer General would like to be there to hear his favourite Brexiteer’s awesome questions for this month. I’m sure that he will be rather jarred off.

This week there was a rally by the Giles statue to save the crèche facilities. If certain Tories took any pictures it would appear that they don’t want to submit them to their favourite blog.


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One Response to My Week Ahead 20 -26 February 2017

  1. Julie says:

    If it was Ipswich Conservatives were closing the creche’s Momentum would be packing out the square with protest. There would also be a media frenzy. I wonder if Momentum even know what Labour are up to?

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