Jeremy Corbyn the Victim of Fake News

The Labour Party’s brilliant leader, Jeremy of Islington has been the victim of some very nasty fake news. The truth devoid, Daily Mirror has launched a vicious and nasty smear campaign against him.

Here’s the front page.



This is completely false. Britain is not in crisis and it’s because of the excellent opposition to the government by the Labour Party  under the brilliant leadership of Jeremy of Islington.

The Labour Party is doing brilliantly under Comrade Corbyn’s leadership. He is providing the strong united leadership for the Labour party that this country needs.

The Daily Mirror is being utterly shameful in their slander against him. He is not a decent man and the Labour Party and the country need him during this time.

For the sake of the party and the  country, Jeremy of Islington should ignore the fake news, smear by the Daily Mirror, which habitually lies and only provides fake news.

He must remain Labour leader to finish the fantastic work he is doing as leader of the Labour Party. He is the best leader the Labour Party has ever had.

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5 Responses to Jeremy Corbyn the Victim of Fake News

  1. Julie says:

    We all know polls have been very inaccurate in recent years and momentum are aware of this. They also know Jeremy cuts through as a decent trustworthy individual with the electorate. There is every chance he can be our next PM.

  2. Julie says:

    No comment lol.

  3. super blue says:

    Is the Mirror now a “Red Tory” paper?

    • Maddie says:

      The labour executive are red tories also. Cutting the creche for a rag is not something true Labour would do. They used to stand up for ordinary people. What’s their purpose now then?

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