Shenanigans and Intrigue at Ipswich Labour AGM

There was some major shenanigans and intrigue at Ipswich Labour’s AGM last week, Ipswich Labour’s Favourite Blogger can exclusively reveal. The devout adherent of the Corbyn Cultus who makes Jeremy dolls attempted to get on to the EC. The reason she wanted to get on the EC was to get access to the members list to pass on to Militant Momentum to allow Militant Momentum to use Stalinist tactics against the ‘Blairites.’ This is the standard tactic used by Jeremy of Islington’s henchtrots across the country. Sister Sarah had the numbers and she was very confident, but her fellow henchtrots of the Cultus  of Jeremy of Islington didn’t realise that they should have just voted for her on the ballot and not all the others. Because Corbyn’s henchtrots voted for all the others as well, she didn’t have the numbers and the Militant Momentum plan went down in flames. Because Corbyn’s henchtrots have failed to take full control of Ipswich Labour, they will be stirring at all the member meetings and bide their time, and plot a Militant Momentum take over in the future.

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2 Responses to Shenanigans and Intrigue at Ipswich Labour AGM

  1. Maddie says:

    I wonder what the Momentum faction will make of the Angle being made to continue at the expense of the creche’s? Hardly conforms to the stated aims of momentum?

    • Kevin Algar says:

      We are talking about something that effects people. The Corbynites are more interested in college refectory politics based on ideology than helping people. So they wouldn’t think about it at all.

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