We Saved Jeremy of Islington

Congratulations to Trudy Harrison on her fantastic victory in Copeland and congratulations to the people of Copeland for seeing sense.

Also congratulations to Stoke residents on saving themselves from burning in Hell.

The Conservatives could have won in Stoke too but CCHQ left Stoke to UKIP which was a silly idea. Paul Nuttal scored his fantastic goal that won Liverpool the Champions league after being the other bloke with Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin whose name nobody can remember. He fought as valiantly in Stoke as he did  for the Saxons at Hastings but by being such a complete balderdash dribbling  prat, he could not persuade Stoke residents that going to Hell would be worth it and so,  Jeremy of Islington has been saved.

I seriously believe that the Conservatives could have taken Stoke as well. Therefore we saved Jeremy of Islington.

Going by the last three by elections the I’m all right Jack brigade vote Lib Dem for a continuation of the neoliberal consensus that serves them well and everybody else votes Conservative apart from people who vote Labour because they don’t want to go to Hell.

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