Party Political Campaigning in Ipswich

Political Parties have been campaigning in Ipswich over the weekend. Ipswich Labour were out in Westgate on Saturday telling scare stories about people being burnt to death due to cuts to the fire service. As Ipswich has the same coverage as Luton and Luton has a larger population and more call outs we can dismiss it for the nasty scaremongering nonsense it is.

Ipswich Lib Dems have been campaigning in Saint Margaret’s and Westgate delivering a leaflet that contains a number of lies. One of the Lib Dem activists is so committed to delivering copies of the leaflet that they threw a bundle of around 200 of them in a bin. The back of the leaflet has a strange picture of that bloke who is the Lib Dem leader. The strange picture seems to be a computerised morphing of Paddy Ashdown, Charles Kennedy, Nick Clegg and their present leader, Tim somebody. The leaflet also has the Lib Dems claiming responsibility for what other people have done, as is their tradition. The leaflet claims that Inga Lockington is behind the 20MPH scheme in Borrowdale Avenue, when in fact it is the outcome of a campaign by former Conservative Borough candidate, Steve Hardman. Doing nothing while claiming responsibility for popular things done by other people is what the vulterine Lib Dems are all about.

The Conservatives were also campaigning on Saturday with a good number of activists in Rushmere Ward in the morning where local residents are impressed with the hard work of Ipswich Conservative MP Ben Gummer and Conservative, County Council candidate for Rushmere, Paul Cawthorn. The Conservatives also had a number of activists in Saint Margeret’s and Westgate  where local residents are impressed with the hard work of Ipswich Conservative MP Ben Gummer, Conservative Borough councillor and County Council candidate, Lee Reynolds and Conservative County Council candidate Chris Chambers.

Reform Suffolk only seem to be campaigning online at present and UKIP and the Green Party seem to have become nonentities locally.

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5 Responses to Party Political Campaigning in Ipswich

  1. Maddie says:

    Which party will Reform Suffolk take the most votes from?

  2. Maddie says:

    How did Labour manage to carve up the County boundaries anyway? Everyone can see it was rigged to favour the party of national bankruptcy?

  3. Ben Redsell says:

    Labour wanted 95 councillors for Suffolk, the Lib Dems suggested 80, the Tories said 75, and the Local Government Boundary Commission concluded 75. Having given the Tories the number they wanted, and almost every electoral division outside of Ipswich, they then came up with an entirely different load of electoral boundaries for Ipswich – ironically proposals that just about everyone hated. Because everyone had issues with them (and I can remember the Tories campaigning against 2 person seats and arguing for St Helens to be called University, which would make more sense now) the Boundary Commission decided that they must be fine because everyone hated them.

    It was the Borough boundaries that were deliberately designed by a certain former Council Leader and MP to ensure that the Tories could never take control by putting all the Tory voters in a small number of strangely designed wards…

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