UKIP at War!

Clacton MP Douglas Carswell whose own constituency UKIP split between the Peoples Front of Tendring and the Tendring People’s Front in 2015, seems to have upset former leader and future leader when interim leader Paul Nutter steps down, Nigel Farage. It is rumoured that Douglas Carswell frustrated Nigel Farage’s chances of a knighthood for services to Nigel Farage.Therefore, Nigel Farage is calling for UKIP’s only MP to be kicked out of the party. It is clear that Nigel Farage wants lot’s of publicity prior to launching a leadership challenge on Paul Nutter who failed to win Stoke on Trent due to the fact that most people who voted to leave the poverty creating federalist dictatorship based in Brussels wouldn’t dream of voting for the Kippers. This is a fact that clearly passes the purple people by and they are under the delusion that the chain smoking, former city traderĀ  would have won.

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1 Response to UKIP at War!

  1. Spot on! The man with the lopsided look who towers over Farage has certainly queered his pitch! Given he was elected in 2015 with a majority of just over 3000 I feel that he may well be dog meat next time around. If AB stands against him the Conservative candidate will find the campaign a walk in the park!!

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