Peterborough MP Stewart Jackson Blasts Subsidy for Slum Landlords

Here Stewart Jackson says

I’m really not sure what to make of Peterborough City Council’s new scheme to “assist” (that means subsidise with your cash) slum landlords with housing repairs using £1.2 million of public money from the capital budget.
By a huge coincidence, they’re the same “community” landlords who have complained bitterly and used every legal method at their disposal to delay and thwart efforts to clean up residential lettings via a Selective Licensing scheme in Central Peterborough and it now looks like city councillors and officers have buckled in the face of such pressure. Now, these noisy few expect the taxpayer to foot the bill, although they will pay a nominal management fee to the city council to collect the rent and pay back the preferential loan for works that they should be undertaking themselves anyway. Oh and they’ll still own the properties at the end of the proposed five-year lease with Peterborough City Council. Homes that were often bought as buy-to-lets anyway.

After reading this, East Anglia’s Premier Political Blogger is interested in what the property portfolios of Labour Councillors in Peterborough look like.
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