Jeremy Corbyn is the best Labour Party leader ever.

There is a rumour that Norwich MP for Labour, Clive lewis is going to mount a leadership challenge against Jeremy of Islington. This would be disastrous as Jeremy of Islington is doing such a fantastic job. Cat Smith summed up Labour’s defeat in Copeland perfectly when she called it an incredible achievement for Labour. Alsso Labour’s position in the polls is brilliant at the moment but undoubtedly Jeremy of Islington can improve it.


Jeremy of Islington is what Labour needs right now because he is doing such a good job. Yesterday Labour lost a seat in Salford to the Conservatives and Labour’s vote was down by 21.5 %. That is an absolutely incredible achievement for Labour. More on that result here

Jeremy of Islington is the most electable leader in British politics. He won two leadership elections and now with all the moderates leaving Labour his percentage of vote share any another leadership election would increase. So Jeremy of Islington is getting more electable by the day. Well, that’s according to Corbynite logic anyway.

Jeremy Corbyn is the best Labour Party leader ever.

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18 Responses to Jeremy Corbyn is the best Labour Party leader ever.

  1. Jacob says:

    We all have to understand the media are hostile to an alternative economic possibility. Therefore they aren’t able to convey their message as effectively as it would otherwise be. On top of that labour MP’s are not on message. Once the party has on message parliamentary candidates they can then unify, enthuse their party grassroots and then have a chance of winning. Until they have this clear out of Red Tories their poll ratings won’t improve and that’s the reality. They need to present a reason to vote for them other than being tory light.

  2. Jamie says:

    The Milliband candidates were Red Tories. They need a fresh crop put forwards by Momentum ideally. That means here in Ipswich they need a suitable candidate.

      • Jacob says:

        Well if Labour goes into the next election with a blunt message it won’t help their cause. At least people know what they are voting for with the Tories as they are all on message.

      • Kevin Algar says:

        We need to stop closing mines don’t we? We need to reopen them all don’t we? Whole communities need Corbyn because their mines closed don’t they? Ask the people of Cleator Moor. They’ll tell you.

  3. SlinkySam says:

    Love how you are so scared of Corbyn, you spend all your time trying to discredit him. He will be prime minister and you self serving fuckers will be sorry.

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