Ipswich Momentum London Day Out

Our intelligence sources have not told us what the Ipswich Labour members who want a Labour government were up to yesterday yet.  But Corbyn’s henchtrots had a day out in London. They were joined by Ipswich Labour member, Sandy Martin.


Sandy Martin with Cobynites in London

Apparently they went down the smoke to take part in a pointless demo. They claim that the demo was about saving ‘their’ NHS. Is there two NHS’s with one serving the nation and one specifically serving the regressive left? I mean, they always talk about ‘their’ NHS don’t they. They say “We must protect ‘our’ NHS” as if they as the regressive, illiberal left have ownership of it.

They also speak against NHS privatisations and talk about reversing the use of the private sector. When was the NHS completely state run and when was this time when the NHS had no private sector involvement? The NHS which belongs to all of us and not just the left, has always had private sector involvement. When the NHS was first set up there were doctors who were self employed and were contracted by the NHS.  So this ideaological belief in a fully public run health service has never been achieved. The reason it has never been achieved is because it is impossible.

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