London-centric Labour

Here is a video of Labour’s Dawn Butler explaining why they lost Copeland.

So Jeremy of Islington’s troops couldn’t get there because of Car Sickness. Obviously they would be unaware that you can get trains to there from London. I mean why would there be trains there? As far as Jeremy of Islington’s fellow multi culti, liberal elite friends are aware, there is absolutely nothing beyond the M25. Why would there be? Us ignorant Neanderthals who live beyond the M25 don’t even know how to use a knife and fork so a ticket machine would be way beyond us.

There is a story going around that a lot of Jeremy’s henchtrots in London have such a belief that their is nothing beyond the M25, that they never went to Copeland and went to Copland High School in the Borough of Brent by mistake. It must have been even more confusing for them considering it’s had it’s name changed. There’s a bit about the school they all went to by mistake here.

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