How Out of Touch is Jeremy of Islington?

Just how out of touch is Jeremy of Islington and his Labour Party?

In light of the fact that they have asked the few people who now support them to write to George Osborne, petitioning him not to cut benefits for disabled people, indicates that the answer is, totally.


This demonstrates how Labour are totally out of touch with what is going on. It follows on from Ipswich Labour harping on about libraries in a leaflet recently.

As George Osborne is no longer Chancellor, this demonstrates how out of touch Labour are and also demonstrates the nature of their  campaigning methods. As George Osborne is not chancellor he isn’t cutting anything, therefore the statement concerning him making cuts isn’t true. Labour’s preferred campaign method is lying to the electorate.

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One Response to How Out of Touch is Jeremy of Islington?

  1. SlinkySam says:

    Desperation from a desperate party. May is going to lose.

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