Labour Councillors Spit Dummies at Full Council Meeting

At the Ipswich Borough Council meeting a couple of weeks ago, the Conservative group voted against Labour’s infrastructure delivery plan for the Ipswich Garden Suburb.


Top end of the better part of Ipswich

The purpose of the document was meant to set the scope of infrastructure which needs to be provided to support the quantity of housing planned, and address the various infrastructure needs which are essential, including schools, highway improvements, bridges and a country park.

The document has a serious scarcity of infrastructure detail around transport and sewage. There was no mention of allowing space for a northern relief road either, so rightfully the Conservative group meticulously pointed out the documents failures to explain their intention to vote against it as is explained by Ipswich Conservatives in more detail here.

This lead to a couple of major dummy spitting moments by prominent Labour councillors. Councillor Carole Jones started ranting and raving saying how she couldn’t believe that after voting for the previous motion the Conservatives were concerned about inadequate drainage for sewage and the possibility of flooding in areas of North Ipswich. She made quite a spectacle of her self. After  she had her tantrum, Councillor Ross decided to have a


Labour Councillor during the debate

tantrum too. Councillor Alasdair Ross got into  a total rant accusing the Tories of not wanting homes to be built and being a NIMBY party. The fact that it was the infrastructure plan and not about merely building houses was something Councillor Ross came across as oblivious to. He stomped and banged on the table asking when the Tories are going to support people, which ironically is what th eTories were doing. It really was a spectacle to behold and no doubt those in the gallery who left early and  missed it, after reading this are regretting  leaving early now.

It had been a very long meeting, so perhaps the two Labour councillors who indulged in the undignified dummy spitting were very tired and ended up not acting in a way we expect our public servants to act.

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