Ipswich Labour at War

Intelligence sources inform us that a very important subject has been on the agenda of at least one Ipswich Labour meeting recently. The subject being, their favourite blog. Ipswich Labour’s favourite blogger has been informed that comrades of Ipswich Labour are most concerned about all the good stories involving the shenanigans and skulduggery between the different comrade factions, that their favourite blogger manages to obtain. One story he has recently received is that they have been told to leave public places if their favourite blogger happens to be in them. We have been informed that the witch hunting that is going on due to  a number of leaks revealed on their favourite blog would have Matthew Hopkins call for restraint. But socialism is a nasty, totalitarian ideology isn’t it?

As always there is much discord between those who want a Labour Government and the adherents of the cultus of Jeremy Islington. The Corbyn Cultus are obtaining more influence as ‘Blairites’ leave the party.

Labour county councillors are very annoyed by the Labour borough councillors closing the crèche’s because even they are smart enough to realise that it messes up their ranting nonsense about sure start centres. Better still, a number of borough councillors are also annoyed with the decision including some very prominent ones. A number of them are very annoyed with having to vote against the Tories at full council because they agreed with the Tory amendment and the united front was just a façade.

Ipswich Labour’s favourite blogger will continue to share all the interesting stories about what is going on amongst Ipswich Labour on their favourite blog and he will continue to share all the really good stuff he receives about campaign strategies and the like with the relevant people at CCHQ.

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2 Responses to Ipswich Labour at War

  1. SlinkySam says:

    You are an irrelavance so you pretend to be important. Pathetic twat.

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