Ipswich Labour’s Appalling Record on Children’s Services


IBC Crèche Users Campaigning to keep service running

Ipswich Labour are intent on closing borough crèche services but believe that they can be holier than thou by indulging in whataboutery. It is hypocrisy on their part due to their appalling record when it comes to children’s services.

In July 2014 the County Council closed six Sure Start Centres making a saving of a quarter of a million pounds without any major detriment to the users of the service. Holier than thou Ipswich Labour having been obsequiously claiming it to be the most terrible thing imaginable while claiming that they would never do such a terrible thing because they are such caring people. The truth is they are caring people but the problem is, the only thing they care about is themselves. This is why they would rather keep the Angle which promotes them than keep the crèches. This is also why they would rather keep the area committee chair allowances than keep the crèche’s.

They claim that they fund good things through the Area Committees as if somebodies train fare from Manchester is a good way of spending Ipswich people’s money. But in 2015, Labour councillors on the South West Area Committee refused a funding request for the Ipswich Foundation Years project. A project that addresses the problem that children from poorer backgrounds arrive at school with lower levels of language/cognition, and daily living skills, and self-control. These factors mean poorer children do less well academically and this disadvantage continues throughout school. Labour councillors on the South West Area Committee refused the funding request because they believe that poor people are more likely to vote for them and themselves is the only thing they care about. While they were refusing the funding request, they claimed that the county council was cruel closing sure start centres. At that meeting the Ipswich Foundation Years project was the most worthy of funding of all the requests, but Labour councillors were more interested in themselves and so it was outrageously the only one where the funding request was refused. Naturally they didn’t mention that the patron of the project is Conservative MP for Ipswich, Ben Gummer.

Now in 2017 Ipswich Labour are insisting on closing borough crèche services because they want to spend money on Area Committees and the Angle promoting themselves. Yet they still have the audacity to self righteously talk about Sure Start Centres.

It is just as well that children’s services is primarily the responsibility of the Conservative run county council because Ipswich Labour’s record on children’s services is truly abysmal due to their callous way of looking after themselves.

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