Cry me a River


Yes Brexit is coming. We are leaving the European Union. We are going to be a free, self governing, global, out looking nation again. Oh happy day!

Now we have to laugh at the sour, whinging remoaners. Lib Dem peer Lord Traverne compared yesterdays vote in both houses with the policies of Hitler, Stalin and Mussolini. You have to laugh at people like that. What a fruit loop! Nick Clegg sobbed his heart out claiming it is not what the people voted for.Well, 52% of us did and if you think that 52% isn’t a majority then even a calculator can’t help you. Also the evil Gina Miller says that she is planning on going to the courts again. How she is going to get a meaningful case together within three weeks is anyone’s guess. The deluded remoaners who insisted Brexit wasn’t going to happen are just going to have to cry themselves to sleep listening to Ode to Joy.

Yesterday was a very happy Commonwealth Day that shall be celebrated in years to come for more than one reason.

After months of bitter, petulant remoaners crying and calling us Brexiteers intellectually inferior, racist, low information voters, bigots, intolerant, economically illiterate, uneducated, fascists, ignoramuses, selfish, right wing nutters and a host of other insults in their hyperbole filled histrionic outbursts, those conformist adherents to the neo-liberal consensus of the undemocratic, totalitarian EU deserve to be laughed at and mocked. To not gloat at the fact that democracy has won the day wouldn’t be right. Feeling sorry for remoaners at the moment would be like feeling sorry for the Aussies after they lose at cricket. It would be absolutely wrong.

So, Brexit is coming. hahahahahaha.

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