Returned have the Stockholmites

Returned have the Stockholmites
The same as they’ve always been,
Claiming to stand up for rights
Since nineteen-seventeen.

The syndrome controls their will
None blind as those who can’t see,
Loving their captors still
Since nineteen-seventy-three.

The mind control specialists
Have got control of this band,
Tea and cakes with terrorists
For tyrants, they take their stand.

The oppressed stand for oppressors
The poor stand up for the rich,
Siding with the aggressors
The masters have them stitched.

Calls for negotiation
Calls to love dictators,
And in every situation
Claim not to be the haters.

Media induced heresy
The elite are laughing like hell,
Standing up for misery
The Phalanxes can not tell.

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