Reform Suffolk are right but could make things worse

At last weeks Borough Council meeting we had lots of political grandstanding from Ipswich Labour. David Ellesemere bored us all silly going on about the borough council being a living wage employer and getting rid of zero hour contracts. Ellesmere also went on about how marvellous council houses are.  Interesting considering his house is the furthest away in Ipswich from any of them.

The Carole Jones claimed that the evil Tories were stopping them from building council houses.

We also had the government blamed for things and Alasdair Ross blamed the county council for bad air quality.

Then Ellesmere claimed that they are living wage because they are Labour and all other councils in Suffolk are evil Tory bastards (not his exact words but you get the drift) and claimed that Labour are bringing investment into this town.

The problem Ipswich has was demonstrated by all this bogus political point scoring. We have two parties running two different councils, making a pigs ear of things and blaming each other.

Reform Suffolk are on the money but the fact that they have a candidate standing in Bixley could make things worse. We have one Conservative County Councillor in Ipswich and if we ended up with zero then Ipswich would have zero representation at county level. Labour county councillors have absolutely no influence on the decisions made by the County Tories. A lot of the county Tories aren’t interested in what Ipswich Tories have to say, so they are hardly going to listen to those idiots from Ipswich Labour are they?

I asked Reform Suffolk’s Mark Ling why they were putting somebody up in Bixley when Bixley is the Ipswich division with the only Tory County Councillor and the one division where their message would make the most sense. Mark Ling said that hopefully Suffolk Conservatives will wake up to the precarious lack of representation they have served up for Ipswich and Orwell. Now as Reform Suffolk’s sound proposals would mean the end of Suffolk County Council as we know it, They’re not going to support getting rid of the reason they exist are they?

Mark Ling says that our area doesn’t need token gestures from an unrepresentative cabinet, we need permanent, proportionate representation. This is correct but the idea that Suffolk Conservatives would take notice that a group of independent candidates are standing on this important issue is pie in the sky. Reform Suffolk would like Suffolk Conservative or even Ipswich Conservatives to make a statement to nullify them. But the fact is, neither Conservative group are going to say anything about it. A unitary Greater Ipswich Authority isn’t going to appear in anybody else’s manifesto.

Reform Suffolk asked me to stand for them and after some consideration, in light of the fact that they could make the situation worse and politics in Ipswich is bloody viscous, I declined.


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One Response to Reform Suffolk are right but could make things worse

  1. Mark Ling says:

    We respect the views of Riverside View, and agree with parts of what he has to say. However, when you say we “could make things worse”…
    Firstly, as far as county council representation for Greater Ipswich democracy, things cannot be any worse. They are already a democratic disaster for our sub-region!
    Secondly, we suspect what they actually mean is that we could possibly make things worse for the Ipswich Conservative’s county council representation in Suffolk. Well, if things have gotten this bad, it is time for Ipswich Conservative to do some soul searching of their own, to accept that their party’s abandonment of the Greater Ipswich area is not only hurting everyone here, but their own party’s prospects too!
    Perhaps Ipswich Conservatives should be taking a leaf out of Reform Suffolk’s book and stand up to Suffolk Conservatives. They should join us in saying it us unacceptable that after 43 years we still don’t have fair and permanent county council representation for our sub-region.
    Its time to put people and place before a political party ! Everyone in Suffolk deserves equal democracy regardless of their politics, their wealth, or where they live.

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