Rights for EU Nationals and Democracy

Amnesty International has sent out an Email about a Polish resident of the UK called Michal who moved to the UK with his wife in 2005.

He says

We’ve built a wonderful life here over the last 12 years – bringing up our three daughters, buying our own home, and I was honoured to spend two years serving my community as a local councillor.

Our daughters were all born in the UK, but my wife and I don’t have British citizenship. We never thought we’d need it because we had the right to live and work here.

Now, as the UK begins the process of leaving the EU – our life here is in jeopardy.

He wants the government to guarantee the rights of people who’ve made the UK their home. Amnesty International want EU citizens existing rights to be protected. I disagree with Amnesty International because I believe that not only should their rights be protected, but expanded. The situation where somebody can live here for twenty years, paying taxes and contributing to society and not be able to vote in General elections is not fair. Imagine being able to serve your local community as a councillor but not be able to fully engage in the political process in this country.

I believe this One Nation Conservative government should follow the Disraelian tradition and extend suffrage. I am quite aware that many who Disraeli gave the vote to repaid the tories by voting for the Whigs, but it’s not about increasing a parties vote share. It’s about strengthening democracy and democracy is a major reason why we voted to leave the European Union.

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