Political Campaigning in Suffolk

Campaigning for this May’s County Council Elections is well on the way.

Reform Suffolk have three candidates standing in May’s elections and could make the situation for Ipswich worse than it already is. Their leaflets have been printed but they obviously wouldn’t say in their leaflets that Ipswich has 19% of the population of Suffolk and 21% of the funding. Also, most voters wouldn’t have a clue about what a unitary authority is.

Ipswich Labour have made a video claiming that Labour are better for Ipswich. It has their county councillors being all sanctimonious on it. The fact that the Suffolk Tories would never take any notice of them isn’t mentioned. This is why the Conservatives are better for Ipswich in these Council elections.

The Lib Dems have been out in Saint Margaret’s where Inga Lockington has been talking to residents about problems that don’t exist. Intelligence sources inform us that Inga has been talking to residents about ‘inefficiencies in outsourcing’ The fact that outsourcing saves money which can then be spent elsewhere means that outsourcing is an efficient method of financial management. But then the Ipswich Lib Dems are so left wing that they can’t see any virtue in the existence of private enterprise.

This Saturday the Green Party was leafleting and talking to residents in their target division of Cosford, where neo-liberal, middle class, metropolitan types move to and cause house prices to be extortionate so locals can no longer afford to live there, vote for them. They’ve been doing quite a lot of canvassing in Cosford too. Why anybody would move to one of the most picturesque parts of England and want to vote for a party that would like to destroy it by covering it with wind turbines is a mystery. Intelligence sources also inform us that the Green Party are struggling to get their leaflets delivered in Ipswich. We have been informed that somebody is getting rather frustrated by 5000 leaflets being in their living room in Whitehouse somewhere.

We have yet to hear anything from UKIP.

On Saturday Ipswich Conservatives had 24 activists canvassing in Ipswich where residents as always were pleased to see them and understand that the Conservatives are better for Ipswich and Suffolk as a whole.

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