Flooding in Ipswich Australia

The peak of the Bremer River in Ipswich Australia has now passed with the Bureau of Meteorology reporting the river height under the city’s David Trumpy Bridge as “12.05m and falling”.

It was expected to reach around 14 metres at its peak, still well below the 19 metres reached in 2011.

Mayor Pisasale was angry at the “idiot” who drove his car into floodwaters on Karrabin-Rosewood Road late last night.

Walloon, Amberley and low lying areas of West Ipswich, Leichhardt, Goodna and central Ipswich received minor to moderate damage from Cyclone Debbie’s’ downpour as a rain depression on Friday.

The city’s leaders believe it “dodged a bullet”.

Sheryl has lived in this house at West Ipswich through four floods; 1974, 2011, 2013 and 2014.

“Every time it rains and it rains for too long, I think ‘oh no, not again’.”

Sheryl believes Ipswich is sometimes forgotten when recovery from natural disasters is considered.

These days she looks after herself, her parents, her brother and son, Sam in the house at 2 Challenor Street, West Ipswich.

It’s low and she knows it.

“We were getting worried last night with all the rain,” Sheryl said.

The floodwaters were halfway up her garage doors when we met.

“I know when there’s water in that street down there that we could get flooded,” she said.

She understands the river flood heights.

“At 11 metres it comes up the front steps, but when it was 19 metres in 2011 it came above the front door,” she said.

“If it gets to 14 metres it’s going to be up on the veranda.”

Echoing the thoughts of thousands around south-east Queensland, she admitted she was confused as she peeked around the wall at the water.

“You just don’t know whether to get everything out, or stop.”

The Bremer is falling to the west of Ipswich and rising slowly in central Ipswich and easing towards Karalee.

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