Bob Hall and Nadia Cenci for Chantry

Bob hall and Nadia Cenci are standing for election to Suffolk County Council because they want to see the very best for their local community in Chantry and in Ipswich.

Some of the roads and pathways in Chantry are in desperate need of repair. Nadia and Bob are already campaigning to have roads resurfaced and,if elected to be our councilors in May, they will work hard to make this happen.

They want to see a council that spends our money wisely, invests in Ipswich and keeps tax as low as possible. Only Conservatives can provide this.

Labour are gambling with taxpayers money and their recent budget amendment would have bankrupt the County Council in two years, leaving no money for investment or emergencies.

If you want a council who will keep council tax low, invest in our town, improve our schools and continue to protect vulnerable people, then vote for Nadia and Bob on May 4th

They know how difficult it can be to get on in life and want a council who will take care of its residents. As members of the party which promotes aspiration and democracy, you can count on them to represent you.

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