Chris Chambers and Lee Reynolds for St Margaret’s and Westgate

Chris Chambers and Lee Reynolds are standing for election to Suffolk County Council because they want to see the very best for the local community in St Margarets, Westgate, Castle Hill and Ipswich.

They are concerned about the lack of infrastructure improvements included in the plans for the northern fringe. If they are elected to represent St Margaret’s and Westgate in May, they will lobby all councils to minimise the impact upon current residents.

They want to address problematic parking throughout the division and if they are your county councillors they will have the power to do so. They will ensure that the new Broomhill Pool has a proper parking strategy and they will tackle  dangerous parking on grass Verges and pavements.

Conservatives have invested in our roads, town centre and in the upper Orwell crossings. They will work to see that investment in our town continues. They will ensure that our schools continue to improve and promote opportunities for our young people.

They know how difficult it can be to get on in life as members of The Party which promotes aspiration and democracy, residents of the st. Margaret’s and Westgate division can count on Chris and Lee to represent them.

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