Campaigning in Suffolk and Beyond

The Green Party have been campaigning in Cosford Division and the Monday before Easter had a ‘regional Action Day’ campaigning around Lavenham. We have been informed that they had briefings on the distribution of letters and went leafleting. They also had lunch at Chilli and Chives.

Also, Suffolk Coastal Green Party was very excited about a planned visit to Woodbridge by Nutterlie Bennett on the 24th of May to give a talk against Sizewell C. The fact that to produce the same amount of electricity that Sizewell B produces you’d have to cover the entire surface of Suffolk with wind turbines isn’t going to be mentioned. Also, East Anglia’s Premier Political Blogger has been informed by somebody in Mustard City  that Green Party, Deputy Leader, Amelia Womack  shall  be in that fine City tomorrow (Friday 21st) as part of the General Election campaign.

Only two Lib Dems have been active in Ipswich, the Lockingtons. But after the General Election was announced the Ipswich Fib Dems informed us on Facebook that their membership has risen by 14%.  Somebody asked. “Has somebody joined your party?” then the Ipswich Fib Dems claimed that 4000 people had joined them on the day the General election was announced.

Why would anyone join the Lib Dems? There is no future in it, no prospect of power or influence for your monthly (£20) subscription. So what do they get for the money, friendship? Spending time with like minded people? With £20 a month they could join the WI, the Round Table, a chess club, a sports club, do line dancing or aerobics, save an African child from bad water – so why on Earth would they join the Lib Dems?

Reform Suffolk ( or Orwell ahead) (or the independents) campaign is running out of steam so that they are having  to Like their own Facebook page to register any interest.  People are also telling us that they think that their video posts are as dull as dishwater.

Ipswich Labour are in total disarray. Prior to the General Election announcement they were going around the borough like headless chickens, not knowing where to defend. We have been informed that they spent an evening in Saint Helens Division being told by residents to clear off. They also keep getting a single issue on the doorstep which is hard for them to talk about. The issue being, Jeremy Corbyn. Jeremy Corbyn’s candidates for the County Council election appear to have made use out of Ipswich Labour’s special printing machine that makes their leaflets look crap to give the impression that Labour represent the working class instead of the neo-liberal, metropolitan, Guardianista, middle class left.  Jeremy Corbyn’s County Council candidates in Ipswich have produced badly written letters with grainy pictures and bitty text created by Ipswich Labour’s special printing machine. They all go along the lines of “Dear resident, I know none of you have heard anything from me for four years but I’ve been a bit busy and I’d like your vote and won’t ignore you for another four years, honest.”

Ipswich Labour have also been delivering more junk mail in Gipping Ward. They decided not to deliver to their favourite blogger’s house, but naturally he has obtained a copy anyway.

Ipswich Conservatives have been pounding the borough and receiving good responses from residents. The General Election campaign has been planned and is being put into motion. They have some excellent campaign ideas which are going to be used, but we cannot discuss these things in detail now.

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