Ipswich Zombie Blog

It is usually bad business practice to give your competitors free advertising by mentioning their names. But as many of our regular readers want us to attack a certain website, A Riverside View shall be providing the product that people want.

Ipswich Spy became DullNews.com and then tragically died. But the calling of a General Election has brought about a sinister, supernatural occurrence. It has brought about the resurrection of Ipswich Spy/DullNews.com as the Ipswich Zombie Blog. From the depths of Hell, well Burgh actually, the Spy has risen.

As in the glory days of Ipswich Spy, we have seen a lot of contradictory crap. First of all the Loathed One informed us that Jane Basham was not interested in the Ipswich constituency and that David Ellesmere would be standing again. Virtually immediately afterwards, the Loathed one then informed us that Captain Mainwaring wasn’t standing. He said that names being mentioned in the Spy office were Calamity Jane, Dame Bryony, Sandy Martin and a few other people. Where is this office we wonder? His gaff in Burgh or the Pigeon?Screenshot_20170421-160356

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