Who will Jeremy Corbyn’s GE Candidate be in Ipswich?

Who will Jeremy of Islington have to represent him on the ballot paper in Ipswich for the General Election?

That other blog which has resurrected like a Zombie has been very contradictory over the last couple of days. For instance, first it claimed that the idea of Jane Basham standing was Tories causing trouble. But now that David Ellesmere is not standing her name is being mentioned.

So with David Ellesmere not standing, who will Jeremy Corbyn’s candidate be?

Sandy Martin is too left wing for the Blairites to consider but too sensible for the Corbynites to consider, so we have to rule him out.

One person who can’t be ruled out is Bryony Rudkin. She has given up her County Council seat but we don’t know if the Corbynites deselected her or if she stepped down to concentrate on becoming a parliamentary candidate. But Bryony has a problem because even the Blairites consider her a Fair Trade Tory and would rather have somebody who was more Labour than her like Judy Terry. Also, Councillor Rudkin is sensible enough to know that this election is going to be when the Tories get their revenge for 1997, so being one of Corbyn’s candidates in an already Tory seat in this election, is virtually pointless.

Another possibility is Richard Howitt but though he is a nice bloke, he has the personality of a David Ellesmere and the charisma of a Chris Mole.

Then of course there is Jane Basham. Jane Basham is a fanatical devotee of the Corbyn cultus and the Corbynites in Ipswich Labour love her nearly as much as they love their plastic messiah who has spent the last couple of years being crucified every Wednesday. The problem here is that the Blairites in Ipswich Labour know how much Jeremy Corbyn is hated by people who at one time voted Labour.

So who can Ipswich Labour put up to be Jeremy Corbyn’s primary representative in Ipswich?

The best choice would probably be Alasdair Ross but even then the major problem is that Alasdair’s hatred for Jeremy Corbyn is legendary.

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