UKIP Policy puts Bee Keepers at Risk

Bee Keeping Course

A Threat to National Security?

The UKIP dog whistle policy to get the Islamophobic vote puts bee keepers at risk. UKIP leader, Paul Nutter said that a UKIP government would ban face veils. If this is the case, then bee keepers would have to tend their hives without their faces covered.  On being asked for clarification, Paul Nutter said that the ban wouldn’t include big hats at all. But isn’t a Niqāb, in a strict semantic sense, a big hat? If it is a ban on face coverings, does it mean that Halloween masks would be banned? What about extra large sun glasses? Are Christian Brides going to be banned from wearing a veil? Will my dentist no longer be allowed to wear a mask when he is tinkering about with my teeth?

On being asked these questions, Paul Nutter decided to go against his own policy by hiding his face. Not being able to answer such questions, Paul Nutter barricaded himself into  a room.

By this one policy announcement alone, we can ascertain that UKIP are unsuitable to govern our country and it explains why they only have had one MP.

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