Jeremy Corbyn’s Ipswich Candidate Latest

We have been informed that Ipswich Labour are not selecting who is to represent Jeremy Corbyn on the ballot paper in Ipswich. The decision is to be made by the Labour Party Central Executive who are going to impose their choice on the local party.

There are two reasons for this. The first reason is that Ipswich Labour are so incompetent that selecting somebody for Jeremy of Islington is beyond them.  The second reason, which is also the main reason, is that under Jeremy Corbyn, the Labour Party is controlled by a bunch of Stalinist lunatics.

So it looks like Jeremy Corbyn’s candidate is going to be a sat nav candidate who probably doesn’t realise that there is a country beyond the perimeter of the M25. The likelihood of anybody from Ipswich getting it is remote but due to the way Labour is at the moment, possibilities for the candidacy are Tracy Grant, Andrew Coates and Shelly Darwin. This is because nobody else in Ipswich Labour are extreme left  enough for Jeremy of Islington’s central politburo  Labour’s central executive to consider. But it is more likely that Jeremy Corbyn’s candidate will be coming here from elsewhere and be sleeping  on Bryony Rudkin’s floor like Jeremy Corbyn’s candidate for Bridge Ward, Jack Abbott.

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1 Response to Jeremy Corbyn’s Ipswich Candidate Latest

  1. Catherine says:

    They should stop messing around and actually select a candidate with views similar to Corbyn. Otherwise a mixed message won’t resonate well with the electorate.

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