Has Ipswich Labour Thrown in the Towel?

Have Ipswich Labour thrown in the towel? They started this county council election campaign running around like headless chickens not knowing where to defend and apart from Labour Today with all the old lies being regurgitated there has been a notable absence of Labour leaflets. Are they not really bothered or has Ipswich Labour’s special printing machine broken down? Now today there doesn’t seem to have been any #labourborestep take place. Are Ipswich Labour so disheartened by their canvas returns that they’ve decided not to bother?

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11 Responses to Has Ipswich Labour Thrown in the Towel?

  1. Paula says:

    The strategy of Labour is to stand outside schools handing out leaflets to parents. Less foot work is their thinking no doubt? Also Momentum are about to spring into action at a local level for the General Election is the word on the street.

  2. Jacob says:

    From what I’ve heard ‘Leave Central’ Gainsborough is voting tory this time. Labour will still hold some divisions though…

  3. COLIN TORY says:

    To right they are voting Tory. THE TORIES ARE THE ONLY WAY. UKIPs job is done and LABOUR ARE A JOKE!!!!

  4. Query says:

    Sandy Martin has been selected but as Labour leader at SCC… he is standing for the county election on Thursday… he cannot be a county councillor AND an MP. He is more likely to win in May than June. June is the better job. He has to stand down risking his political career even if a day before the General Election.

  5. Jim T says:

    Pity it’s not a Borough election Kevin. Gipping is all voting Conservative apart from where I would call St Margaret’s South.

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