Ipswich Lib Dem GE Candidate Announced


Ipswich Lib Dem candidate in the only part of town where anyone is mad enough to vote for them

The yellow peril candidate in the Ipswich constituency is Adrian Hyyrylainen-Trett. Adrian was born and brought up in Mustard City and is standing in Ipswich because the Lib Dem’s couldn’t find anyone from Ipswich to stand because in this town, we only hate green and yellow.

After being brought up in that fine city, Adrian left and is now living in Vauxhall. So as he born and brought up in Norwich, now lives in Vauxhall and has no connection to Ipswich whatsoever, as Hyyrylainen-Trett is a bit of a mouth full. This blog shall be referring to him as Sat Nav Ade.

Sat Nav Ade says that he believes that “every constituency in the country needs to give people the option of voting against the government’s current hard Brexit stance.” So  as a Lib Dem he thinks that everybody should have a right to vote for the party that wants to stop the democratic will of the people.

An Ipswich Lib Dem on Facebook said that the Lib Dems have been pro EU since they were founded. I pointed out that Gladstone was against working class people having the vote. The Lib Dems of today seem to still believe this. Or at the least, they believe that the votes of working class people should be ignored. Of course, this may have something to do with the fact that working clas people tend not to be dozy enough to vote Lib Dem.

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