Suffolk County Council Reserves- Labour Myths and the Truth

Due to their lack of understanding of Suffolk County Council finances, Labour and the Liberal Democrats have been confusing & misleading residents with information on their leaflets about SCC Reserves which is simply not correct !

They claim that Suffolk Conservatives have built up reserves of £220m. It is unfortunate that they have obviously failed to read the County Budget Report which was approved by Council in February.  The actual reserves are tens of millions of pounds less, and significant amounts are allocated to specific projects such as bridges, schools and specific spending.

The actual available reserves are a fraction of the alleged £220m at only £48m at the end of March 2017 and these other parties have suggested that reserves are being built up for the sake of it and not being used.

Labour & Liberal Democrats have failed to mention on their leaflets that £8.5m alone is being utilised this year alone, to help maintain the essential services we need.

Labour would want to use up an additional £15m in this year alone and would cause Suffolk County Council to be bankrupted.  This would threaten all the existing and proposed investments in Suffolk which we have highlighted recently.

The only way to stop Jeremy Corbyn’s candidates from jeopardising future public investment in our County, is to vote for Theresa May’s local candidate in your area. Last time Labour & Liberal Democrats ran Suffolk, they increased council tax by 93% in 8 years.

Suffolk Conservatives have fulfilled an 8-year council tax freeze for the residents of Suffolk, and you have consistently told us you want to keep future council tax levels under control.

Vote Conservative on Thursday to ensure Suffolk has a bright and prosperous future.

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