UKIP Junk Mail in Pakefield

UKIP have been delivering junk mail in Pakefield. A copy of which, has been obtained by East Anglia’s Premier Political Blogger. Now according to UKIP’s local manifesto, UKIP councillors do not take a party whip. This is probably due to the fact that as a party, UKIP are utterly clueless.  As UKIP councillors don’t take a whip they are free to vote against each others policies. So how can they manage to achieve anything as a party?

The policy of councillors not taking a whip makes even less sense after reading the leaflet being delivered in Pakefield because the leaflet has a list of UKIP policies for Suffolk. I was intrigued by the anomaly of having policies without a party whip and decided to phone Waveney UKIP to enquire as to how they would implement their policies without a party whip. The leaflet has a phone number on it and says that they would be available 24/7. I phoned the number and got an answering machine.

One policy is about housing for local people and veterans so that Suffolk doesn’t pay the price for poor immigration control. This leads to another question.  Which department of the county council deals with immigration?

The leaflet says that they will campaign for the trunking of the A12 from Woodbridge to Lowestoft. The A12 isn’t a problem until you get past Wickham. Then afterwards Sax, Wrentham and Kessingland are all bypassed. But is the fact that Little Glemham, Stratford Saint Andrew and Farnham need a bypass, a major issue in Pakefield?

The leaflet then says that UKIP will reverse the reductions in fire engines and claims that the reductions are unsafe. I thought that frightening the electorate was only something so low that only Labour would stoop to it.

The leaflet also says that UKIP will restore democratic accountability in Suffolk by scrapping the cabinet government system and restore the traditional committees system. Now, the cabinet government system for County councils was brought in by John Prescott under Labour. To get rid of the cabinet government system there would have to be an act of Parliament. How are UKIP councillors going to get a bill through Parliament to reverse the policy of The Blair government?

It then says that it will increase spending on elderly care in Suffolk and press government hard to provide additional funding. As UKIP have zero MPs and that number is likely to be the same after the general election, how are they going to press the government to do anything?

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